The Best Accordians for Beginners in 2020

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Ammoon piano accordion
Ammoon piano accordion
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Fever F3112
Fever F3112
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Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion
Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion
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The accordion is one of those instruments which give an old timely vibe. While most of the key instruments are stationed on grounds, accordion is special as it can be carried by the player. 

Apart from the instrument’s distinct tonal quality, the way it is played, adds to it a style factor. Unlike guitar or keyboard, an accordion is not so common. This makes it a unique choice for a musician. 

Like many other instruments of the modern world, the accordion was also invented in Germany, in the 1820s. It was later spread across the world by Germans traveling to the US and further in other parts. 

Things to Consider When Buying an Accordion

Learning to play an instrument depends a lot on how comfortable the musician is with his/her instrument. While trying to buy an accordion, many factors should be considered to find the most suitable one. Let us look at the possible factors to keep in mind.


For a novice, the budget should be one of the biggest matters of concern. Well, for a beginner, it is advised to opt for an accordion relatively lighter on the pocket. After learning for a considerable span, the person may have to switch to the upgraded level of the instrument. Keeping that in mind, one should pick a budget-friendly accordion.

The Type of Accordion

There are different kinds of accordion available in the market based on their build and tonal quality. Each type of accordion is played in a certain type of music. So, understanding the purpose of playing it, should be clear before you head out to buy your first accordion.

Weight and Size

Besides learning to play an instrument, one has to learn how to handle it as well. For instruments such as an accordion, which is not stationed and has to be carried, it is always best to go for the lighter weight for beginners. It gives them the time to get used to positioning themselves with the instrument.

Age of the Instrument

With the build of accordions changing vividly over time, buying an older accordion can land you in trouble with finding its parts once they wear out. Ideally, you should pick an accordion that was made after the 1960s. To identify if it was made after the 1960s, you need to check the color of the keyboard. If they are white, they are newer, if they are yellowish, they were surely made before the 1960s.


As it is common with wooden instruments one must check their instrument for fungi. In the case of accordions, it can be determined from the smell of mildew. If there is such a smell, the accordion is already in a damaged condition internally.


It is very important for any bellowing instrument that the right amount of air is let in the chamber. Before buying an accordion, a person must definitely check the compression.

Number of Reeds

From type to type, the number of reeds in an accordion can vary from one to four. Before buying your first accordion, you must understand the type you need. Also, with an increasing number of reeds increases that instrument’s weight. Ideally, a beginner should start with a two-reed accordion.


Of course, like any other instrument, an accordion needs to be rightly tuned as well for the purpose, for the best output.


A stylish looking instrument helps draw attention to the musician who is playing it. It also helps in boosting one’s confidence.


The most important of all, you must be comfortable carrying and playing the instrument. At times, it is possible to not match the general guidelines of a beginner’s accordion and still be the best pic for you. So try the instrument yourself to know what best suits you.

Different Types of Accordion – Which Accordion Is Easier to Play?

Based on the build, there can be many different types of accordions. The two types which are most prominently used are button accordions and piano accordions. A beginner can begin with either of these two types to smoothly sail into their musical voyage. Let us now look at these types of accordions in order to understand which type suits whom.

Those who have never played key instruments before are usually suggested to go for the button accordion

In this type, there will be buttons that usually denote more than one note. This helps reduce the number of buttons to be pressed by the musician. 

With reduced buttons, a person can easily go up and down the octave and play in a longer range of scale very quickly. The only challenge in this type of accordion is to remember the functions of the buttons, and you are good to go. 

Because there are fewer buttons, these types of accordions are light in weight as well, further helping a novice to get used to the weight of a new instrument they have just started learning.

On the other hand, the piano accordion has more keys. As the name suggests, the octaves are denoted in the same way as a piano. So, for those who have played key instruments earlier, this type of accordion will be easy to pick. 

But for some, remembering so many keys and octaves can be a tough task. Additionally, so many keys make the instrument heavy. So, it will not be easy for new learners to handle. With many keys, running up and down the octaves become a challenging job as the fingers have to cover a lot more space.

Despite the features of the two types of accordions, which type will suit you depends on the purpose of playing the instrument. Those who want the classic tone of a piano, the choice is easy. For those who want the distinct tone of a retro-style accordion should opt for the button accordions.

5 Best Accordions for Beginners

We have now discussed the types of accordions, so it should be easier for you to understand the kind that fits your purpose. To help you further find your beginner’s accordion quickly, let us look at five best accordions available to you at this moment. We will look at both button accordions and piano accordions so that you have more options at hand.

Budget Friendly
Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion

Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion

Comes with a hard carrying case, straps and free lessons for two months

For beginners, it is essential to bring home a complete package that includes all necessary accessories of the instrument. Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion comes to the rescue of those who are looking for all these in a budget. 

One of the most popular, pocket-friendly accordions, the Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion has earned a reputation of being very durable. What is important now is to know its features, which are as below:

Key Features:

  • Diatonic button accordion
  • Has 31 treble buttons in three rows and eight bass buttons in two rows
  • Has double reed and fbe keys
  • Available in two-scale variants – sol and fa
  • Bisonoric accordion with handmade valves
  • The bellows have a smooth action
  • Available in – blue, red-white-green, black, red, white, grey and gold color options

The features, stylish look, and bundle of accessories make it one of the best beginner accordions.

Best Entry-level Accordions
5 Best Accordians for Beginners in 2020: Brand Buying Guide 1

Hohner Panther

Comes with a warranty of 90 days over manufacturing defects.

A discussion about the best accordions will be incomplete if we do not include Hohner in it. One of the biggest brands across the globe to manufacture and specialize on accordions, owning a Hohner accordion is many people’s dreams. 

With their vivid range of products now, Hohner has given everyone plenty of choices to find themselves their most fitted instrument within a budget. The Hohner Panther is one of their most successful models for entry-level accordions. Let us look at its features.

 Key Features:

  • Three-row diatonic button accordion
  • Available in gcf keys
  • Has 31 buttons, 12 bass buttons and two sets of treble reeds
  • Has double-strap brackets for more ease
  • Accessories include – back straps, cleaning kit and a guide book by Hohner
  • Has a stylish matte black look

With the trust of a world-famous brand such as Hohner, the Panther surely makes it to the list of the best beginner accordions.

Classic Design
5 Best Accordians for Beginners in 2020: Brand Buying Guide 2

Roland FR-1X

Comes in two stylish color options – black and red

From one renowned brand to another, we now move to the next product on the list – which is the Roland FR-1X. Roland needs no mention to those who have used key instruments before. 

One of the leaders in the market of key instruments, Roland manufactures some of the best models of entry grade and professional accordions. The model in question today, the FR-1X is unique in its own way, as it is available in both button and piano style. Let us look at the features.

Key Features:

  • Available in 26 piano keys variant or 62 buttons variant
  • Buttons are arranged in five rows
  • Has up to date features such as USB port, sound and data uploading and saving
  • Has a user-friendly seven-segment LED display
  • Has top-grade speakers in bass reflex box 7W x 2
  • Has standard and free bass modes of playing
  • The presets include – four virtual tonewheels, 16 accordion sets, and 16 orchestral sounds

The Roland FR-1X is a smart modern-day accordion which has all the up to date features with the pure retro tone of an accordion. These features make it one of the best accordions for beginners.

Intermediate Choice
Fever F3112

Fever F3112

It has Highly sensitive keys and perfect intonation

Fever is new to the entry-level instrument arena and has built a good reputation within a small span. The company manufactures many types of string and key instruments, and accordion is one of them. 

Their F3112 has been especially popular among the beginners. This particular model has the quality of a professional-grade instrument within budget. Here are the features which put it among the best beginner accordions.

Key Features:

  • Three-row button accordion
  • Has 31 treble keys with 12 bass or chord buttons
  • Has an gcf key arrangement
  • The 20 fold bellows have sheepskin corners for longevity and produces loud, bright sound
  • Has slide lever air valve for faster air intake
  • Comes with straps and a padded carrying case with a lock
  • Available in stylish pearlescent red-white, white and blue color options with Italian style decorations

So many features packed in an affordable price tag surely makes it one of the best accordions for beginners.

Fantastic Value
Ammoon piano accordion

Ammoon piano accordion

Comes with adjustable straps, gloves, and a cleaning kit.
  • Volume
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Underwhelming features

For those looking for a piano accordion, here is a brilliant option. Ammoon, one of the front runners in the entry-level instrument market, has curated a classic piece of piano accordion. 

The company manufactures many string and key instruments, and also manufactures this great beginners’ friendly accordion. Here are its features.

Key Features:

  • Has 22 keys and eight bass
  • Body made of maple wood
  • Keys are made of sturdy plastic for longevity
  • Lighter in weight for piano accordions
  • Has a stylish pearlescent finish
  • Available in blue, green and red color variations

Magnificent look and finish with professional-grade features make the Ammoon accordion one of the best for beginners.


The amazing, unique tonality of accordions spreads vibrancy and happiness. These qualities are enough to make you want to learn how to play the instrument. 

This article intends to help you cut down on the time you had to invest in the search for your suitable accordion. But, what matters the most is your intent, passion and skill to bring melody and rhythm in sync. All the best for this melodious endeavor.

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