Bestseller No. 1
Donner Drum Throne Set, Height...
  • High-density sponges-High-density sponges prevent your drum stool from deforming after prolonged use.
  • Adjustable- You can adjust the height by adjusting the 4 position bolt lock or the knob at the bottom to ensure a comfortable height for playing your instrument.
  • Non-skid design - this three-legged stool has three rubber non-skid sleeves to prevent the Donner drum throne from shifting when you playing the drum. High quality aluminum alloy bracket with triangular design makes it very stable.
  • Wide application-The Donner drum throne can be used with a variety of different instruments, which is the best partner for the instrument, but also suitable for a variety of home moments.
  • Donner Guarantee - 6 months repair/replacement warranty; One drum sticks as FREE GIFT, you can rest assured to buy it!
Bestseller No. 2
Drum Throne,Height Adjustable Tripod...
  • 【Professional Drum Throne】- Our drum stool made by high quality metal material and the 5 cm deep high-density pearl sponge,11" diameter drum top with triangular design makes it very stable and durable.
  • 【Adjustable Height]】- You can adjust the height easily by rotating thumbscrew.With 5 holes to adjust the height of the stool,the height can be set from 16" to 19".The maximum weight is 250lbs.Perfect for adults,kids.
  • 【Ant-Slip Design】- Rubber non-skid sleeves on the bottom to prevent the Drum Throne from shifting when you playing the drum.
  • 【Folding Legs】- Double-braced legs gives the Drum Throne remarkable stability and durability; Folds up for easy to carry with you to your next gig.
  • 【Wide Application】 - The drum throne will be great as a gift ,Perfect throne for drums, keyboards, guitar and more.If you're looking for a classically simple yet exceptionally sturdy throne this is just what you need!
Bestseller No. 3
Drum Stool,Adjustable height Seat,Round...
  • Value drum throne: Drum throne made of high-quality steel and 80mm thick sponge is soft and durable. 11inches dia drum cushion fits adult and kids.Now we are sure that the drum stool come with a pair of drum sticks,
  • Sturdy and Stable: Drum stool has double braced tripod legs with rubber feet to prevent drum stool from shifting and moving when you play the drum. Double braced bracket design makes it very stable.
  • Adjustable Height: You can easily adjust the height from 15" to 19". By rotating the wing bolt and rotating the center rod of the stool to ensure a comfortable height when playing.
  • Widely used: Fits the keyboard player, guitar player, or even a brass player.A good companion and best choice for instrument playing, strumming or practice.
  • Note:Please make sure the size of the drum stool is what you want before placing an order.---And the same time.Choose Yeasoul, you will have 6 month Service Support, If you are not satisfied with the drum throne,please feel free to contact us.
Bestseller No. 4
EastRock Height Adjustable Universal...
  • Quality material:The high density of the sponge keeps drum Stool from deforming;Our drum made by high quality metal material, durable reliable
  • Unique design:Promoted! Height Adjustable now! Now you can rotate the knob under the pad to adjust Drum's height! Due to its anti-slip rubber feet drum throne will remain in place, providing you with all the stability you need. FOLDING LEGS--Folds up design for easy transport. Perfect for adults, kids
  • WIDE APPLICATION: EastRock drum throne can be of great use for a variety of musicians as well, but also suitable for a variety of home moments
  • Easy to Assemble: When you receive the package, you can use only a few minutes to assemble it. Our drum stool is very easy and simple, and it won't take too much of your time.
  • Unreserved services: We will give you professional packaging transport cost-effective goods and friendly customer service. Have a happy shopping.
Bestseller No. 5
Starfavor Drum Throne Padded Drum Seat...
  • 【550 Intermediate Series】The 550 Series is the Intermediate Drum Stool Series, this drum stool is uniquely shaped to evenly distribute the weight of the legs in batches, ergonomically, reduce the pressure on the tail spine, protect the spine. Upscale leather-wrapped shape memory foam with a car seat-like texture.
  • 【X Support Base】The support base is made of rounded iron combined with X-shaped iron for weight distribution and full support. The 1.2mm thick wood plywood bench face ensures that the bench can hold up to 330 pounds. (Note to self, be sure to sit in the middle of the stool when using it, not just the edge.
  • 【Sturdy Support Legs】With 0.6inch | 1.5cm thicker double support legs, and over-sized support rubber feet (which provide great grip), players won't feel shaky sitting on the bench.
  • 【Spiral Height Adjustment】The 550 series features a spiral height adjustment structure with 18inch - 23.6inch height adjustment, allowing the drummer to easily change the orientation of the body during playing.
  • 【Content and After-sales Service】Starfavor 550 Series Drum Throne x 1, 12 months warranty. If you have any questions, or you are Dissatisfied with our throne, please don’t bother to contact us, We will definitely reply you within 24 hours and solve your problems in time.


Best Drum Seats Buying Guide

The drum set is one of the most popular instruments in music. It can be found in a variety of contexts, from jazz and rock to marching bands and orchestras.

Drummers are among the most important contributors to any musical group as they provide rhythm for everyone else to follow. The drum set itself is comprised of several different pieces that each have their own function like cymbals, pedals, drums, and other percussion equipment used by the drummer.

One crucial piece is the chair on which the drummer sits while playing; this article will share with you five great options for best drum seats!

The Best Drum Seats

Drummers are among the most important contributors to any musical group as they provide rhythm for everyone else. One crucial piece is the chair on which the drummer sits while playing; this article will share with you five great options for best drum seats!

Donner Drum Throne Set

The Donner Drum Throne Set is a fantastic drum seat for those who want a basic, yet quality seat. It is both lightweight and durable while providing great comfort for any drummer!

This drum throne provides an excellent balance of versatility and functionality as it can be used by all types of percussionists including bass players and other musicians with different heights in addition to drummers. The height adjustment system allows you to change the chair’s angle from high backrest mode to low front rest mode which also makes this chair one worth looking into!

Drum Throne, Height Adjustable Tripod

Drum Throne, Height Adjustable Tripod is another great option for those who want a durable, great looking seat for their drum set. This chair is lightweight and easy to transport which makes it ideal for any drummer!

This throne offers three different height settings so that you can find your perfect position on the drums or cymbals while also offering support when needed. The adjustable backrest ensures comfort in every playing position from sitting down with low arms or standing up high over the pedals as well!

The Drum Throne, Height Adjustable Tripod is both affordable and versatile- making it one of our favorites!

Both these seats are excellent choices but we would recommend going with whichever feels most comfortable to you based on what type of percussionist you are and how tall you personally are.

Drum Stool, Adjustable height Seat

Drum Stool, Adjustable height Seat is the 3rd drum seat on our list. The height of the seat is adjustable with a knob and lever. This stool can be used for drum set or as an accessory to your desk chair!

This Drum Stool, Adjustable Height Seat has many uses which make it fantastic for musicians on-the-go like you!

The tripod construction provides stability while also making these seats lighter than they would be if constructed out of metal. They are comfortable and come in tons of different colors so you will have plenty to choose from depending on what vibe best suits YOU!

EastRock Height Adjustable Universal

EastRock Height Adjustable Universal is a drum seat that is made of steel. This seat adjusts in height by turning a knob which moves the footrest up and down.

This drum stool has many benefits including its stability, comfortability, easy adjustment features, and durability!

The East Rock adjustable drum seat has all the features of a great drum sitter. It’s made with durable steel construction that adjusts in height by turning either knob or pressing away from you so it fits your specific needs. Sitting on it for extended periods feels like sitting on an expensive couch because of how comfortable yet sturdy it is when sat upon. The height adjustment mechanism also accommodates tall people well which can be hard to find in many seats given their legs need more space over the foot rest without hitting it if they are taller than average size adults.

Starfavor Drum Throne

The Starfavor Drum Throne is one of our favorites for a drum seat. This throne is made with the best quality materials and has an ergonomic design to ensure comfort as well as stability when sitting on it. Its height adjustment mechanism adjusts in size by turning either knob or pressing away from you so that its perfect fit will accommodate your needs and then locks into place once set to desired height making this one of our favorite seats available!

What Makes A Great Drum Seat

What makes a great drum seat are all the features which make it feel as if you are sitting in your favorite recliner. The back of a great seat should be able to lean against something without being pushed out or have an issue with sliding off and needs to stay firmly in place while drumming.

A good throne has a wide enough base so that it does not tip over when leaning on one side, is comfortable to sit on for long periods at time without feeling sore because of how its made from materials such as foam and upholstery, will easily adjust height wise by turning knobs or pressing away from the body so that there’s no need to stand up just to change position. A great throne also adjusts widthwise where needed like most motorized seats allow.